JJRC H8D FPV Quadcopter Helicopter Drone

JJRC H8D FPV:jjrc 1

  • This product is equipped with a professional level of aerial 5.8GHz high-definition camera, maximum up to 2 million pixels, it can be realized in the air to take pictures, video and other aerial capabilities, and real-time transmission to the image on the LCD screen.
  • Exclusive first dual control mode, with the player operation for novice entry-level model and the professional player’s technical level model. Truly a multi-purpose machine, indoor and outdoor operation of the model, suitable for a very wide range of players!
  • Remote control can freely switch for about throttle control, more suitable for multi-regional multi-range of people to use. New CVT function, can achieve 10% -100% to seamlessly shift, gradual acceleration and deceleration can be 1%, according to the player’s own proficiency and space operations to fully fit players to choose gear.
  • This product uses the 2.4GHz band signal, the operation more precise, more responsive, more distant remote control,jjrc 2 can simultaneously in the same place each control more than one aircraft without mutual interference ; The product has a 360-degree roll function, in front, left in different directions roll, roll speed sensitive, precise positioning!
  • Unique product design, replaceable aircraft batteries, so you can enjoy a long uninterrupted remote control aircraft jjrc 3 excitement pleasure!jjrc 4


“This quad can fly to 150meter high and at that point, the drone cannot fly higher, but you can control it to different directions.”

“For this quad, the flight time is about 6-8minutes. Depends on the flight speed you choose and the environment, the flight time may vary. With the highest speed, it can fly for less than 6minutes while with the lowest speed, the flight time is supposed to be more than 12 minutes.”


jjrc 5

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