Parrot – Mambo FPV Drone

Discover a compact flying system in the Parrot Mambo. This quadracopter has outstanding stabilization and can handle flips and tricks, but it also has a small cannon and a grabber so that you can battle it out with other drones. Enjoy a first-person view from this Parrot Mambo with an appropriate camera.

Shoot HD video

For visually stunning footage.

Rechargeable 550 mAh battery

Provides extended air time.


Compatible with both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

  • App-Controlled
  • Wireless Range
    300 feet
  • Maximum Flight Time (no payload)
    10 minutes
  • Integrated GPS
  • Integrated Camera
  • Product Weight
    0.14 pounds
  • Records Audio
  • Memory Card Included
  • Field of View
    120 degrees
  • Maximum Payload Capacity
    0.02 pounds
  • Wi-Fi Built-in
  • Microphone
  • Obstacle Avoidance Technology
  • Indoor Or Outdoor Use
    Indoor and outdoor

“I would of gave it five stars however it is a bit pricey and the camera can pop off when doing stunts however with the remote is much better than with the phone alone.”

“Love the way it flies, and the ease of control. It’s fast, turns sharp, ascends & descends almost like a dragonfly, and is smooth in flight.”

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