Walkera QR Y100 Wi-Fi FPV Mini HexaCopter Video Camera (Silver) Review

Walkera QR Y100:walkera3

  • Bind and Fly” – ready to bind with your Devo transmitter and/or IOS/Android device One key take-off, one key land, one key go to home and follow me functions
  • Supports video recording/photo taking directly saved to IOS/Android device via Wi-Fi Super cool molded plastic body gives this quad a futuristic aircraft look
  • On-board FPV camera providing a live video feed during flight 2.4GHz Wi-Fi link for flight control and sending live video feed to your IOS or Android device
  • Can be flown with any Devo series transmitter or with your IOS/Android device via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi control
  • Large propellers provide power and high efficiency offering flight times of over 15 minutes

Review:  “Do some research before you buy this drone; It can cause some real headaches to get it going. I bought it for my 10 yr. old grandson
it needs adult supervision. Be safety minded wear safety glasses the blades will cut a kids skin, or put anybody’s eye out.
watch the utube videos before you try to fly, we use my cell phone to control it, download from play store. the battery has a short
charge life about 10 min. I had to order 2 more battery’s; I bought this for educational value for my grandson; AFTER THREE FLIGHTS ITS BROKE; NOTE;THIS IS A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY; BUY THE MINI DRONE FOR 20.00 Amazon sells. try that one first.”

“Before diving into a $1300 drone, my wife suggested buying less expensive one to practice with… great advice, and the Walkera QR Y100 is the walkera2perfect drone to practice with. At the time of my purchase, it was $151 (the next week it was down to $120 on Amazon) which is a great value for what you get. You are able to control the unit out of the box with your smart phone or tablet with a simple app download. This will also allow you to record video or photos to your phone via wi-fi connection. There is slight lag in the connection, which I was aware of through research, but I was still able to fly indoor & outdoors with it. I will admit that I did loose connection using my smart phone as a controller, so I would recommend purchasing the Devo 4 transmitter for only $35 more for better control. You can still hook up your smart phone to the drone to record video while you use the controller to fly. They also offer a smart phone holder that connects to the controller I purchased. To finalize, great value for the cost compared to similar drones of same value.”


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