Chroma(TM) Camera Drone

Chroma(TM) Camera Drone: 

If you’re looking for an easy way to jump into the exciting world of HD aerial photography, this Chroma package has everything you need.

-Captures smooth, steady aerial video in brilliant 1080p definitionchroma
-No-distortion camera lens eliminates fisheye effect
-Easy to fly – no experience necessary
-Everything in one box
-30 minute flight times (Dependent on flying style and/or wind conditions.)
-Advanced SAFE Plus technology
-Smart Mode for beginner pilots
-AP Mode for experienced pilots
-Autonomous Follow Me and Tracking modes
-Return Home function
-Live video and telemetry info on controller display
-Uses GLONASS and U.S. GPS for greater accuracy and reliability
-Mast-mounted GPS antenna for superb signal receptionchroma 2

Camera features include:

-1080p/60fps video
-16MP photo
-No-distortion lens – eliminates fisheye effect
-Integrated, 3-axis brushless stabilization gimbal
-Adjustable resolution and frame rate
-Streams live video to the ST-10+ controller from as far as 600 meters
-Streams live video to multiple mobile devices within 90-120 meters (Requires a compatible mobile device with the CGO app.)


Reviews:  “In most ways, this is a decent to pretty good radio-controlled quadcopter. It’s relatively easy to set up: screw on the props, charge the battery, flip up the GPS antenna, turn on both the transmitter and quad, and give both about half a minute to set up. After this, following the instructions in the small manual it came with, it flew fine out of the box.”

“Blade Chroma is awesome. Charged it and flew with in a 1hr. Have had for 2 chroma 4weeks now and have flown it almost everyday. Great pictures and videos. It was really windy one day and the GPS made it look like that there was no wind at all. Very easy to fly even without GPS on. Very stable and flight time has been around 25-27 min.”

“Very nice and easy to fly! Smart mode seemed to be a little bit to dumbed down for me. If you have any experience with quads angle mode will suit you the best. The drone is not to snappy like many others and has a medium to low throttle response. Home mode works ok but it isn’t precise. Leave a few feet of room on all sides if you plan to use it. I wouldn’t take off from a balcony and expect it to land on the spot. Over all not a bad drone, easy to fly. Not sure how to get the pics and vids off the camera, I had to order micro SD reader.”chroma 3

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