Apple Smartwatch Sport 42mm Silver Aluminium Case White Sport Band Review

Apple Smart Watch:apple watch 3apple watch 2

  • 42mm Case
  • 7000 Series Silver Aluminum
  • Ion-X Glass
  • Retina Display
  • Composite Back
  • For more details check product out on below

Reviews:  “The Apple Watch is far and away, the white whale I have been searching for. The search is over.”

“The “Sport” comes in anodized aluminum case in silver or space gray, and the face is Ion-X glass, which is tough, but not quite as tough as the sapphire crystal on the “Watch” face.”

“It is everything and more of what Apple described. I get about a day to two days on a charge.”

“Each time I charge, the battery is at 100% when I put it on. It only takes 30-45 minutes to fully charge”

“The best reasons for having the apple watch is so you can see notifications without having to take your phone out. Being able to see who’s calling, or texting you on your wrist lets you decide wether you really need to pull your phone out or not.”

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4 Comments on Apple Smartwatch Sport 42mm Silver Aluminium Case White Sport Band Review

  1. Awesome stuff. I’ve been looking into these Apple watches but I was unsure at what price was a decent deal. Thanks for this review – I shall look further into this particular model

  2. This is a cool review. Im still holding off a bit on whether I want to add to my apple line up of products. But i dunno, i may get suckered in in the end lol

    • Het reusachtige apaarpat kan met deze extreme angle een beeld vana024 x 36mm vastleggen. Hebben? Dat is niet voor iedereen weggelegd, de reuzelens heeft namelijk een prijskaartje van een kleinea0a3100.000 pond – omgerekend zo’n € 122.280 euro – en is verkrijgbaar bij het Britse Grays of Westminster.

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