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  1. . As a matter of fact, more execeirnepd players may have to relearn scale positions to work through the etudes and excercises in this book since they are fundamentally different than those normally found in most instructional texts. Likewise, for a beginning book, the text does a credible job in presenting harmony and chord progressions with just enough theory to understand how progressions are structured and how to extend and alter chords. Most books present chordal theory in the first part of the book and then take up lead playing in the second half as if they bore no relationship with one another. Again, the author scores with the dual track approach. Finally, the information contained in the Coda at the end of the book is worth the price alone. One could spend half a lifetime studying jazz guitar and not stumble over some these gems of info. As a companion to this book I might also recommend All Solos & Grooves for Jazz Guitar by Jim Ferguson (Mel Bay) which serves up major scale studies along with more advanced solos utilizing similar techniques. As a matter of fact all of Ferguson’s books would fit in nicely with this series. All in all, an excellent resource for the determined student.

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