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Microsoft Band:

  • Achieve your wellness goals by tracking your heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep qualitymicrosoft band
  • Track your golf game and your health with Microsoft Band and TaylorMade.
  • See email previews, calendar alerts, incoming calls, texts, and more at a glance
  • Works with Windows Phone, Android and iPhone
  • Use the printable sizing guide below under product information to get the right size
  • Microsoft Band helps you achieve your wellness goals by tracking your heart rate, steps, calorie burn and sleep quality, and makes you more productive with email previews and calendar alerts at a glance.
  • Maximize your fitness with Guided Workouts, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, automatic activity counting, and run mapping.
  • Take notes and set reminders with your voice using Cortana personal assistant on Windows Phone.
  • See incoming calls, texts, social updates, weather and more on your wrist. Works with Windows Phone, Android and iPhone.


“The retail price of $200 is higher than I’d likely spend on something like this, but Amazon sells the Microsoft Band for $150 through Amazon Prime.”

“I purchased my Band directly from Microsoft when it was announced. Previously, and concurrently, I tried numerous other fitness tracking devices. Because I use a Windows phone, all but Fitbit were quickly eliminated because I could not monitor them on my device.”

“Step accuracy: I counted steps manually several times, and even did that while carrying boxes and groceries to and from the car – it worked perfectly, and kept an accurate count. I even tried fooling it by rocking back and forth a few times, and it didn’t count these fake steps. Very sophisticated.”

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